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The ‘Aurora 2.0’ collection is inspired by the hues of dawn in the Sahara desert, a sandy landscape of light fawn with deceptive colours, shades within shades, tones within tones.


Aurora 2.0

Slow Woven

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Carolina Wong

About the designer

Hong Kong born and currently London based, Wong graduated at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. By specialising in Woven Textile Design, shapes, motifs and experimentation with materials have  naturally become part of her creative world. Having lived in four different continents, Wong is an uncompromising twenty-first century independent woman, unafraid to explore the unconventional from a young age. Enriched by a wealth of cultural heritage absorbed during her creative education, life experiences and impressive resume in the fashion industry, she values the art of uniting multi-cultural traditional crafts and creativity, with the mission to create high quality, timeless and sustainable collections.